Me as a customer servant

First I’m telling about my own experiences about the customer service. Most of them have been good, but some of them have been bad too, of course. If the customer servant is positive and helpful, you feel glad to go there again. Sometimes the customer servant can be in a bad mood, because a bad day or some personal thing, but they shouldn’t bring their bad mood to work.  For example, if the customer servant is not talking politely or not using positive body language, you don’t feel very glad to go there again.

For me, the most important thing in customer service is being polite and proper.  You have to have good speaking skills: language skills, polite language, small talk skills. One of the most important things in serving your customer and making him/her feel good to come again is good body language: making an eye contact and smiling. Shaking hands is also very polite. It’s very good to take well the feedback from the customers, even if it’s not good. You have to be and stay professional even if the customer gets irritating or nervous.

For me one of the most important things in customer service is proper clothing. You must look professional and clean in your customers eyes. It’s also important that you have comfritable clothes at work.
For me the most challenging thing in customer service would be staying calm and professional in difficult situations. My strengths are sociality and good speaking skills. I’m not afraid to talk with different kind of customers. I can use few languages well, and I can use also very polite language. I also always remember to use good body language. It’s very kind and important to make an eye contact when you are speaking with your customer.

The Importance of Company Culture

A company’s culture is what defines the tradition for accepted conduct and general work environment. It acts as the basis for how employees are expected to behave. In simple terms, a company’s culture is the “personality” of an organization. It’s how the collective group of people conduct themselves day in and day out on the job.

Company culture plays a big role in hiring and retaining the finest employees in the market. Just like a group can have shared beliefs, traditions, values, practices and rules, so does a company. The ‘company vibe’ as a common reference to company culture, is a voice to the practices, expectations and values of members of a company. It is about the ‘employer brand’ for aspiring employees and defines ‘how things are run’ around the company.

Problems arise when a company fails to define its cultural norms for its employees. Like a family or a classroom in a school, the ones in authority must verbally state the rules and define the expectations in order for the group to function at its best.



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What is Good Customer Service


I’m going to tell you about good customer service, what I think it’s like.

Some people claim customer service is easy, but that’s not true. It’s easy to forbit the problems but only right way is to have plans for every situation, because everything wont always go as planned.

Empty Office Chair and Desk

Give your customer what they want. Though, it’s important to remember that your customers may not want to buy your products or services. If you try to sell something someone does not want, you will just get them mad.

Make communication easy.  If you want to keep your customers, you need to make everything as easy as you can for them. What you need to do is make incredibly easy to communicate with you – not leave that part to them. Having an application won’t keep customers happy, you have to put the effort in to make it work.

So what excactly is good customer service?  That is something nobody can teach you – you need time. You’re going to have to put some effort into really understanding their needs and point of view, that’s an ongoing process.

Comparing Calculations


1. Remember there is no way that the quality of customer service can exceed the quality of the people who provide it.
2. Take under notice that your subordinates will treat customers as you treat them.
3. For good customer service, do more than is required.
4.  If a customer makes a request, do everything you can.
5.  Keep customers updated.

There are some things that we can all start with, hope you read my text all the way here!

Things i like about LPT1E and TREDU

I have to say, education in Finland is so much different than in country I came from, by the way I`m from Ukraine. In this case “different” means “good”.

First of all I like our group. There are 22 people of 8 nationalities, ages 16 to 27; different cultures, languages, backgrounds but still and all, we have some common interests and goals.Of`course sometimes misunderstandings occur, which is a usual thing in any group or team. It`s not always easy to deal with other students, but it`s the way we me and Marja

Few weeks ago we visited Lionbridge, which is a big international  company. They told us about their own experiences: how it feels to work with people from different counties.They said we should appreciate the possibility to study in multicultural environment, so in future we will be prepared for working in international team and with international customers.

Our main subjects are CUSTOMER SERVICE, English, Finnish and Secretarial Work but we also have Arts & Culture, Health education and others lesson, which are not that serious but interesting.

Our teachers are quite tolerant, nobody pushes on us and we have enough free time to do something except studies. Moreover we have fun at our lessons… sometimes =). For example at our English lessons we were watching movies, we were performing different customer service situations and so on. At other lessons we draw up lots of different projects: events, posters, presentations etc.
During the school year we have visited some companies and events: Lionbridge, Alihankinta-messut, Joulutori, Rekrytori and some others  to see how people make business in Finland and to learn something new.
So studying business is not that boring as you might think 😉

P.S. All the students of TREDY get free lunch! =)


The moment of truth: false advertising

How often does the product meet your expectations? Click here and you´ll see what I mean...there are hundreds of such examples on the internet.

To attract consumers companies assure us that their quality is the best, the item is unique, delivery is fast and so on. They promise a lot of benefits which are not always true.  It works until consumers learn the actual value of the product or service. Most probably customers will leave the company, they won´t buy the product or use the service again.
False advertising is a wrong way to make business.

BUT! Everybody makes mistakes. Sometimes producers don´t mean to lie, but some small accidents happen and they may adversely affect company´s reputation. In this case it is important to inform the customers about what is going on.

Let´s have an example : some online shop is famous with it´s low prices and fast delivery, but because of Christmas sales it is hard to deliver all the items on time.Simple message, like: “Sorry, we have a lot of orders this week, your order will arrive 2 days later” will still keep positive impression about company´s services. Keeping customers posted on shows that producer/company cares.expectations vs reality

To be truthful is important


by Ksenia Karhu

Truth is important in our everyday life. Customers expect you to inform them of any happenings. They don’t want to have problems and they hate being unaware of something. So servants must be sure that they give truthful information to their customers.

Many companies  promise lots of things trying to attract new customers. But the information that servants give to them or customers find by themselves is not always true. Regretfully it is fabulous in many cases.

Of course, if customers see something special and unique they will come, but companies will never be able to form good relationship with them, if the information will be untruthful. Customers will never come back, if they can’t trust you, and the main mission of customer service will be failed.

Also another important thing is to inform your customers of all bad things that happen to them, your business or your products. People get the whole picture of you and your business through information that you give to them. If you don’t tell them that everything goes wrong at the beginning, your customers will it by themselves later, and the whole situation will be even worse.

Of course, the news can be bad, it is life, but if you inform your customers immediately, they will understand that your company is responsible, that you care about their problems and that you won’t leave them. Don’t lie to your customers!

Bitter truth is better than sweet lies.




Customer Service Reputation

Nowadays when we have the internet, your company’s reputation (whether it’s good or bad) can spread like a wild fire. That’s why you have to take care of it. It’s a big factor when we are making business.

Studies show that a satisfied customer will tell 2-3 people about his experience with your company. An unhappy consumer will share their dissatisfaction with 8-10 people. Some will push that number to twenty.
Lesson: keep your customers happy. That’s the first thing good reputation requires.

Here are listed 3 most common mistakes that effect to your company’s possible bad reputation:

1. Staying out of Social Media
Example. Let’s say you own a restaurant. A customer has heard good things about your restaurant, but wants to check the customer service, menu, etc. from the internet beforehand. You don’t have your own website, so the customer will try to check it from a random forum. From there he will find out from one unsatisfied customer, that the food is bad, customer servants are rude, etc.
Now from his point of view, your company has a bad reputation. You lost him as a customer.

2. Lack of Awareness
Common problem some companies face, is the belief that reputational damage could never happen to them. Do not get too arrogant, you can never be too aware of the risks.

3. Responding by Anger to Feedback
Simple; people will remember the bad customer service situation better, if they don’t get treated right even after they have informed the staff about it.

When you have accomplished the good reputation, keep up the good work!
It won’t remain by itself.

Our class trip to LionBridge.


Our class trip to LionBridge.

We had a great opportunity to visit an international company as a class. One of our class mate’s (Jane) mum works there and set up the tour.

We first toured around the company meeting the workers. It was crazy how many different nationalities were there from Greece to Russia to Iceland.

We then had an opportunity to learn more about the company and what it actually does. Internationalizing companies and then localizing them. This is a lot of work and time doing these projects, so it’s important that the team get along and work together. You could see that they all got on with each other and seemed like they were a big family.

We also learnt about some of the worker’s backgrounds and most of them had no experience before working in LionBridge. I know for me it gave me hope that I can get the job I want if I work hard and get myself out there.

Overall it was a very positive experience and I think all the class came away satisfied with the information that they received.

Thank you Lionbridge

School year from my perspective

School year from my perspective!

When I first started TREDU, I didn´t know what to expect from it. There was a lot of questions in my head.

Am I going to like it? Are the people likable?   Is it going to be too hard for me? Is it going to be fun?

All these questions have gotten an answer now … I like it, Most of them are, no it is not too hard and yes it has been a lot of fun!

Some of the fun things we did: We went to Kuru, we organized the Christmas party, we have had a lot of projects, lot of quests etc.

Kuru: We gathered on the school parking lot at 8 o´clock in the morning. Kirsi was specific not to be late 😀 When we got to Kuru there were people from International Wilderness Guide studies waiting for us, they had been in the forest for quite some time now. They had planned a lovely day for us which included walking in the forest and finding out new things about it, good food cooked on the open fire, games and other activities.

Now in April they are coming to visit us and we have to plan an interesting day for them.




Christmas Party: At first everybody was a bit skeptic about planning that party, does anybody even come? Somebody had a good idea to put up a box for Christmas greetings on the main hall. They were red by the Santa Claus on the stage. We organized games where even the teachers took part and we sang.It was a great fun and the people actually came.


Me as a customer servant

Me as a customer servant

Having the experience of being a customer servant, I can say that anything can happen  I have a couple of very interesting happenings I would like to share with you.

A father and a child (4-5 yrs.) walked in. They took all the things they needed. They came to me to pay. Everything was normal, so far so good. But the father refused to buy bubblegum for the child. Then the consequences followed. The child got mad, took his little fist and punched the father into the groin, as hard as he could. Here´s what happened next: Father was really embarrassed, child was really confused and I was bursting with laughter. It was wrong to laugh I know, but you can´t really hold it in you if something like that happens.

Here´s another weird thing that happened, a girl came and she was buying something small. As she was standing there I noticed that her flys were undone. I thought that I am doing a good thing and I told her that. I was of course a bad idea… she was so embarrassed and then I was so embarrassed. We were both red from the face and then she left in a hurry. Take notice that when she left her flys were still undone.

My friends Reet and Käki working hard 🙂