The Importance Of Culture in Business

   The Importance Of Culture

Culture is a big part of business these days due to the international businesses or companies.

Doing business on a global basis requires a good understanding of different cultures, because what works in your country might not work well in other countries, and sometimes the gestures could be confused as an insult or as an inappropriate way.                                                 

Comparing countries

The business culture in Finland is, when a customer walks in a shop the salesperson says ‘hi’ and asks the customers if they need any help and if the customer says no then the salesperson  leaves but if they say yes then they just help them to find the product and leave after that to do their other chores. In Finland the salesperson don’t do small talk with the customers whereas in England when a customer walks in a shop, the salesperson do little small talking with the customer and are very polite.
In Finland the salesperson are polite too, but they don’t show it that much, they only smile and talk in a polite way, but in England the salesperson talk much more and are more outgoing with the customers.


My own experience

My own experiences in different place of the world have been quite different, for example in Finland I usually have to ask help from the salesperson if I want some help in finding a product.  But, in India, for example the salesperson asks what I need and displays the product and it’s faster that way to pay and leave the shop.

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