Attitude is everything

By Benjamin Sewell

Attitude is everything

Attitude chart

By Benjamin Sewell

Being in the same work place doing the same job day in day out for 10 years can be a bit daunting for some people and in a lot of circumstances the level of customer service gets worse and worse . I can tell you customers notice, when there’s no heart or life at the other end.

We have a duty to bring top quality service to our faithful customers, so the question is how do we keep ourselves motivated for long periods of time?

Attitude people!!

A wise man once said (maybe me) it’s not the situation you’re in that makes you happy or in this case

a good customer servant but it’s how you react to the situation you’re in, so in other words ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!

If we put our hearts and souls into the work, I believe success is waiting for us.

Working in my own company with my dad for 10 years, I learnt a lot about motivation and attitude from him. He was a great example to me every morning waking me up smiling and singing ready for the day’s work, even though ahead of him is hours of hard labor.

Evaluate yourself according to the chart above. Are you a I do/I can person or are you a I can’t/I won’t person ? With each decision or situation you face in your life, what type of outcome do you want?

 Every day brings new opportunities for you to say either I do or I won’t, but the best thing about this you, yes you control your own future
I believe that as you become an I do, I will type of people your lives will not only be successful but enjoyable for yourselves and people around you.


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