Great customer service is consumers right

 Great customer service is consumers right_!

More you have customers the less time you have each of them so customer service, becomes increasingly important. Customers should feel appreciated instead of number in a cash register

Remember, nowadays customers want you to know what they want!

flickr-5355865403-medium       You either break it or make it!

You have to look after you’re customers, since you get only one chance!

Company’s proficiency is measured when problems comes up and customer has something to complain.

  • When customer comes to you complaining be understanding and polite.
  • Never interrupt him or ask negative questions like” Are you sure you have followed instructions and kept the product in a safe place?”
  •  Don’t use professional language, customer might not understand it and feel he’s been despised.
  • Keep customer up to date, everybody hates unawareness.
  • Be positive to customer and honest.

Difficult customers are just one per cent (%) of all the customers yet they might be the most valuable ones.

You have to recognize that in most of the cases there has been misunderstanding that has caused the complaint.

There have been done studies about importance of customer service:

Study was done in a shoe shop Andiamo in Koskikeskus.  24% of customers thought that customer service is very important factor and it will effect on future behaving and buying decisions. Also staggering 62% would tell their friends where they had bad customer service


In an another study 2010 CEI report showed that 85% of customers would be willing to pay more over the standard price of a service to ensure a superior customer experience.

Read a summered report here.

With great customer service you keep customers coming back to you, instead of going to some rival company.

When you have great personal relationship with customers they become loyal to you and you save money in costs!


Here is some interesting links about customer service:

8 Rules for Good Customer Service made by Susan Ward

What is Customer Service?  Small articles written by different people. For example      Extreme John and Laura Click




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