What makes a good customer service?

Good customer service is important in any company. If the customer is treated badly, I bet the sales don’t work so well.
So here I have listed some tips you can get a minor knowledge about serving customers:
Well, what makes good customer service? You.
Imagine yourself to the customer’s place. What would you want, what would you need?
Always make the customer feel comfortable. Especially in Finland, even the slightest uncomfortable moment might make the customer leave.
If the small talk doesn’t work with the customer, offer for instance some beverages, if possible. Offer some extra services. Offer some discounts. If you have a positive experience of your company’s product or services, tell that. Make yourself the customers friend. Read the customer. Analyze his or her personality.
So all in all:
Being well prepared, and with the right attitude and manners, you can make good customer service.

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