School year from my perspective

School year from my perspective!

When I first started TREDU, I didn´t know what to expect from it. There was a lot of questions in my head.

Am I going to like it? Are the people likable?   Is it going to be too hard for me? Is it going to be fun?

All these questions have gotten an answer now … I like it, Most of them are, no it is not too hard and yes it has been a lot of fun!

Some of the fun things we did: We went to Kuru, we organized the Christmas party, we have had a lot of projects, lot of quests etc.

Kuru: We gathered on the school parking lot at 8 o´clock in the morning. Kirsi was specific not to be late 😀 When we got to Kuru there were people from International Wilderness Guide studies waiting for us, they had been in the forest for quite some time now. They had planned a lovely day for us which included walking in the forest and finding out new things about it, good food cooked on the open fire, games and other activities.

Now in April they are coming to visit us and we have to plan an interesting day for them.




Christmas Party: At first everybody was a bit skeptic about planning that party, does anybody even come? Somebody had a good idea to put up a box for Christmas greetings on the main hall. They were red by the Santa Claus on the stage. We organized games where even the teachers took part and we sang.It was a great fun and the people actually came.


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