Keeping the work place in tip top shape!!


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Keeping the work place in tip top shape!!

For most customers one of the first things they notice when coming into your shop or company is how clean it is.
Cleanliness is so important and also how the shop is organized:
Is it

1. Practical
2. Easy for customers to find what they are looking for
3. Easy on the eye
4. Safe for the customer

I have recently spent a lot of time in second hand stores due to working at one and we spend every morning sweeping the floor, emptying the bins and cleaning the toilets. Because of this mostly every day customer’s comment on how clean the place is.

They will want to come back because of their good experience and also tell their friends about how clean the shop is.

If your work place is clean there is less likely that accidents will happen

Remember when you’re on your work placement or even at work cleanliness will make the difference on if the customer will come back or not. Look at your work place and think to yourself would you want to shop here. 

By Benjain Sewell


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