Me as a customer servant

Me as a customer servant

Having the experience of being a customer servant, I can say that anything can happen  I have a couple of very interesting happenings I would like to share with you.

A father and a child (4-5 yrs.) walked in. They took all the things they needed. They came to me to pay. Everything was normal, so far so good. But the father refused to buy bubblegum for the child. Then the consequences followed. The child got mad, took his little fist and punched the father into the groin, as hard as he could. Here´s what happened next: Father was really embarrassed, child was really confused and I was bursting with laughter. It was wrong to laugh I know, but you can´t really hold it in you if something like that happens.

Here´s another weird thing that happened, a girl came and she was buying something small. As she was standing there I noticed that her flys were undone. I thought that I am doing a good thing and I told her that. I was of course a bad idea… she was so embarrassed and then I was so embarrassed. We were both red from the face and then she left in a hurry. Take notice that when she left her flys were still undone.

My friends Reet and Käki working hard 🙂



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I am Liis and I´m an Estonian. Started working in the field of customer service at quite a young age. So decided finally to have a proper education in that field. I also like cooking..right now I am dreaming of food :)

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