• The Golden Rule in customer service is the Golden Rule period. Great points, it’s always important to acknowledge the importance of treating others how you would want to be treated.
  • Very difficult principle to live by when you’re “Under Pressure”. If you’re on the front lines of customer service and have to manage an angry customer, here are two phrases to remember: “I’m so sorry”, and “Thank you for your patience, I’ll work on this right now”. Often, customers just want to make sure you understand.


  1. 1.     SHOW RESPECT:

Focus on delivering a solution, not the customers personality or peoples emotions. and never forget that the person on the other end of the phone, or author of a letter of complaint, is a human being with pressures and challenges just like you .


Acknowledge their problems , I dont mean the blame but understand them without necessarily agreeing , Demonstrate empathy, Exa, by saying Im sorry you have had a problem, or YES I AGREE,  you have been treated badly , This will go along way towards soothing a customers  anger and disappointment even if you are unable to provide response that fully meets their expectations.

  1. 3.     GET THE FACTS:

People in business need to know why things went  wrong , to stop it happening again . Ask the right questions- especially ones that will make the customer think. This helps to keep emotions under control. Listen to their response  – show you are listening, Summarize, clarify ,on what they have said before taking action .

  • ·         So Why is Customer Service Important for Your Web Business?
  • Impressions count. It’s important for your customer to have a good experience because they return and they refer others. Did you know that over 90% of unhappy customers never return and they tell at least eight people about the bad experience? That’s a handful of business you are losing.
  • So good customer service tells the customer you value them. It helps with retention, referral and reduces the time spent resolving issues and dealing with administration.

12 Golden Rules of Customer Service


Rule #1 – the customer is always right

Rule #2 – if the customer is wrong, refer to rule #1

Rule #3 – the customer is always a priority – handle complaints, concerns and disputes immediately

Rule #4never argue with a customer

Rule #5 – never make excuses or pass the buck

Rule #6 – be flexible – customers do not always know what they want and are not all the same

Rule #7 – show real respect and treat your customer how you would want to be treated

Rule #8 – be personal, sincere and friendly at all times

Rule #9 – always remain one step ahead of your customer by predicting future & current needs

Rule #10 – keep all your promises

Rule #11 – deliver your product or service on time or ahead of time

Rule #12 – exceed your customer’s expectations and always go the extra mile

I’m sure there are variations of these rules and certainly you don’t have to stop at this list. There are hundreds of little things you can do to make your customer feel like a King or Queen.

With customers, you have to find a way to have a conversation with the customer yourself. The primary means of contact will vary from company to company; for us, social media was crucial.


took by my friend popal

In Lovefilm’s customer service team, there’s someone who blogs and tweets all the time, and monitors what people are saying about the company on the social media channels. That way the team can understand what it needs to do differently, and how it needs to change things.

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