Customer Service Reputation

Nowadays when we have the internet, your company’s reputation (whether it’s good or bad) can spread like a wild fire. That’s why you have to take care of it. It’s a big factor when we are making business.

Studies show that a satisfied customer will tell 2-3 people about his experience with your company. An unhappy consumer will share their dissatisfaction with 8-10 people. Some will push that number to twenty.
Lesson: keep your customers happy. That’s the first thing good reputation requires.

Here are listed 3 most common mistakes that effect to your company’s possible bad reputation:

1. Staying out of Social Media
Example. Let’s say you own a restaurant. A customer has heard good things about your restaurant, but wants to check the customer service, menu, etc. from the internet beforehand. You don’t have your own website, so the customer will try to check it from a random forum. From there he will find out from one unsatisfied customer, that the food is bad, customer servants are rude, etc.
Now from his point of view, your company has a bad reputation. You lost him as a customer.

2. Lack of Awareness
Common problem some companies face, is the belief that reputational damage could never happen to them. Do not get too arrogant, you can never be too aware of the risks.

3. Responding by Anger to Feedback
Simple; people will remember the bad customer service situation better, if they don’t get treated right even after they have informed the staff about it.

When you have accomplished the good reputation, keep up the good work!
It won’t remain by itself.

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