To be truthful is important


by Ksenia Karhu

Truth is important in our everyday life. Customers expect you to inform them of any happenings. They don’t want to have problems and they hate being unaware of something. So servants must be sure that they give truthful information to their customers.

Many companies  promise lots of things trying to attract new customers. But the information that servants give to them or customers find by themselves is not always true. Regretfully it is fabulous in many cases.

Of course, if customers see something special and unique they will come, but companies will never be able to form good relationship with them, if the information will be untruthful. Customers will never come back, if they can’t trust you, and the main mission of customer service will be failed.

Also another important thing is to inform your customers of all bad things that happen to them, your business or your products. People get the whole picture of you and your business through information that you give to them. If you don’t tell them that everything goes wrong at the beginning, your customers will it by themselves later, and the whole situation will be even worse.

Of course, the news can be bad, it is life, but if you inform your customers immediately, they will understand that your company is responsible, that you care about their problems and that you won’t leave them. Don’t lie to your customers!

Bitter truth is better than sweet lies.




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