The importance of customer service

What is the most important in Customer service :

Most important part of your company is customer service,Every company, shops, supermarkets should have best customer service without customers or customer service you really don’t have a business.So remember to have these importance steps for better customer service in your company.

Good customer service: The customer service entails delivering goods or services to your customer in a way that is effective and fair.Good customer service is all about bringing customers back.Many businesses focus on reducing prices or ramping up promotions to attract customers. However, when customers come into contact with business, you want them to leave with a positive experience, and come back to do business with you again.

Keeping customers happy: You must provide a level of service that is better than that of your competitors. Training is the key to emphasizing customer service in your organization. Employees should learn to treat customers like individuals. Business owners should encourage good habits, such as greeting customers with a smile (even over the phone).Employees should be well-mannered and considerate.

Getting Feedback: Getting feedback from your customers is an excellent way to track and measure your level of service. You should not only benchmark your company against your competition, but also against the goals you set for yourself. Once again you must remember you are trying to not only meet, but exceed your customer’s expectations. Written surveys are one way to gage customer satisfaction.

Photo prepared by Farhad Sediqi 




Things You Should Know about Your Customers


by Regina Makovey

Customer service s all about forming a good relationship with your customers, as it forms loyalty and makes them to come back.  Here are few things that you need to bear in mind when serving your customers.

1) Customers want to feel important.  Know their names, treat them as best customers ever, smile, solve their problems quickly and be thankful and proactive! All of this will make them feel valued.  Making them feel appreciated is a great step in building customer loyalty.

2) Customers want you to truly listen. Listening to them will help to determine customers’ needs and build a relationship of trust that will solidify your standing with them and be a driving force for repeat business. More often than not, in the course of a conversation, a customer will divulge information that is vital to your overall success.

3) Customers like to be appreciated by other people. They want you to understand their wishes and respect their choices. People want to feel “royalty”. They want you to be extra polite and serve them properly!

4) Customers hate waiting. Modern life makes people to be in a hurry, so time is very important part of marketing nowadays. People expect you to find quick solutions!

5) Customers want to trust you. People want to be sure that you provide them with good-quality products and useful information. Be honest and your customers will be loyal!

6) Customers want to be individual. They always want to have unique and sometimes unusual products. Don’t even try to provide them with your favorite or common products. Customers want to have something special!

7) Customers expect you to be their friends. They enjoy people with whom they share common interests. Customers hope you understand and can help them to find the most important things in their life. If you don’t know your clients, they cannot rely on you!

It is not even enough just to understand your clients. To work with customers, you really should KNOW them from TOP TO BOTTOM!!!

The Importance of the Cultures: How important it is to speak different languages in Customer service?

Simple: it just is.

Every customer is a potential buyer. But how can you know when a random customer comes to your shop and doesn’t speak your language?
You don’t. That’s why you have to study different languages.

Obviously you make a good impression when you can speak the customer’s language if he or she is a foreigner.
In worst case the customer knows only his or her own language, and you can’t speak it, so you’re incapable to help the customer.

We don’t want this to happen, don’t we.

But in the first place, this will help you get the job. After it, you can start using your skills.

What makes a good customer service?

Good customer service is important in any company. If the customer is treated badly, I bet the sales don’t work so well.
So here I have listed some tips you can get a minor knowledge about serving customers:
Well, what makes good customer service? You.
Imagine yourself to the customer’s place. What would you want, what would you need?
Always make the customer feel comfortable. Especially in Finland, even the slightest uncomfortable moment might make the customer leave.
If the small talk doesn’t work with the customer, offer for instance some beverages, if possible. Offer some extra services. Offer some discounts. If you have a positive experience of your company’s product or services, tell that. Make yourself the customers friend. Read the customer. Analyze his or her personality.
So all in all:
Being well prepared, and with the right attitude and manners, you can make good customer service.

Great customer service is consumers right

 Great customer service is consumers right_!

More you have customers the less time you have each of them so customer service, becomes increasingly important. Customers should feel appreciated instead of number in a cash register

Remember, nowadays customers want you to know what they want!

flickr-5355865403-medium       You either break it or make it!

You have to look after you’re customers, since you get only one chance!

Company’s proficiency is measured when problems comes up and customer has something to complain.

  • When customer comes to you complaining be understanding and polite.
  • Never interrupt him or ask negative questions like” Are you sure you have followed instructions and kept the product in a safe place?”
  •  Don’t use professional language, customer might not understand it and feel he’s been despised.
  • Keep customer up to date, everybody hates unawareness.
  • Be positive to customer and honest.

Difficult customers are just one per cent (%) of all the customers yet they might be the most valuable ones.

You have to recognize that in most of the cases there has been misunderstanding that has caused the complaint.

There have been done studies about importance of customer service:

Study was done in a shoe shop Andiamo in Koskikeskus.  24% of customers thought that customer service is very important factor and it will effect on future behaving and buying decisions. Also staggering 62% would tell their friends where they had bad customer service


In an another study 2010 CEI report showed that 85% of customers would be willing to pay more over the standard price of a service to ensure a superior customer experience.

Read a summered report here.

With great customer service you keep customers coming back to you, instead of going to some rival company.

When you have great personal relationship with customers they become loyal to you and you save money in costs!


Here is some interesting links about customer service:

8 Rules for Good Customer Service made by Susan Ward

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What Makes a Good Team

You know that moment when you have to do an assignment with a group and your members are acting a fool or just aren’t following the orders and you just want to go out of control well no need to with a few tips you will sure to make your members work and have an awesome team. First of all you want to inform all members about the situation and get them involved. Then you get a clear idea of them to keep them focused on the team work. Also keep a fantastic atmosphere between your team, always keep them motivated and on track. If your team is still lousy, unmotivated, and just plain unable to work with there is always a thing to do in this situation, come up with an idea that will get your team up and going such as giving them a reason to finish their work.

Your Role in a Team

When you’re in a team and you don’t know what you should do in the team should always ask and try to play the important role in your team. Always ask when need or you can even help your team members as much as possible. Keep your team in high spirit pop funny jokes and keep them happy and joyful.

Even I have had weird teams but the best way is just to embrace it and make the best out of it and always try to be the one to create the good atmosphere in the team you are working in.




Importance of Customer Service

Besides that warm fuzzy feeling you get from being nice to people. Good customer service can make you or your company lots of moneyz. By putting in a little effort you can bring in more customers without so much advertising. Advertising can be expensive so you want to keep the customers it brings in.


How enjoyable is your work. If you just put a little bit of effort into what you do, everything will be more enjoyable. Being friendly will create a positive atmosphere. Even something simple like being organized to better suit your customers. Everything you do extra will keep you busy and make you and your customers happy.
Motivation is key. If you can motivate yourself to keep giving oh so great customer service your company will profit. You can also try to motivate other co-workers around you.

What Customer Service Is

Customer service is a big part of x_ef34d08bmarketing nowadays.There are no sales without customers, so at any situation companies should try to maintain the highest standards and be able to do it right the first time because good customer service will be noticed, but bad customer service situation will sink to customers’ minds.

From Wikipedia we can find that “customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.” It is a general, but very true concept, because customers are interested not only in a product but also in additional elements of service they receive. They expect customer servants to be ready, willing and able.

Sometimes customers can be rude and their problems can be weird, but high level service is always joyfully doing ‘whatever it takes’. And, of course, smiling! It is a symbol of successful customer service. It shows to customers that you are really thankful for your business and worth its weight in gold.

According to Efraim Turban: “customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation.” Actually realizing your customer’s needs and paying attention to details are essential. If you can understand your customers and pay attention to their problems, you will be able to exceed their expectations.


by Ksenia Karhu

I was a witness of the story that happened in the green grocery shop: For the shop it was the same Sunday morning as ever, with a queue of people hunting for fresh fruit and vegetables, beside one little thing: there was a man in the queue with his little daughter crying and asking her father to buy a doll. She was annoying everyone who was in the shop and, of course the man was in a bad mood and hurry to go away. Finally it was his turn to buy; he asked for some vegetables and was going home when a shop assistant said: “We have fresh cherry-plums that have come today; they are so sweet and delicious! Would you like to taste one, dear?  Stop crying and take a berry, honey.” And an old lady gave one berry to a little girl who stopped crying and was looking at the shop assistant. The girl ate the berry, smiled and asked for another one. Her father bought an extra kilogram of cherry-plums and went home in a better mood, because his child stopped bothering him. This story shows to us how important is going the extra mile. No one knows if the man’s daughter will remember about her doll, but what is clear to me is that he will come back! Actually, customer service is all about bringing your customers back; sending them away in a good mood to bring themselves and their friends back and form relationships with them.

The importance of customer service: you can change everything for better.

blogAlthough not every one of us works in services sector, but every one of us is a customer. We always notice if salesman is not friendly enough, if waitress is unconfident or if someone of the personnel is not competent.

Unfortunately people always(!!!) notice, when something goes wrong. Don´t ever think: “It´s not a big deal”! Customers will remember your mistakes!

You, as a person, who works in field of customer service you should do your best to your company`s reputation maintain strong. Be attentive, be awake!

People want somebody to care about them, this is our nature. Give a smile, be friendly, do small pleasant things, like a free candy for kid, who came to cafeteria with his family.
Think how you want others to treat you and act the same way.
Have you ever heard a story of Johnny the Bagger? He did a small thing, which made people come back again and again to small grocery shop.

Me as a customer servant

Customer servants, those helpful employees in shops and stores who give help with out asking… Or they should give. Their mission is help customer and find out their needs but usually it will be missing. Of course, in different countries the culture is also different and that means that the customer service is different too. My opinion is that every customer servant should give help as much as customer needs. Like me when I was younger!

I was 12years old when I was working in my uncles’ shop. I was so excited about doing work there and earning some extra money. My job was adding prices to products and help customers as much as they needed. I remember when one old woman came there and there was a steep floor to down stairs. She gave me the shopping list and I did all her shopping’s by myself and she gave me a little tip for that. I was so proud of myself! I did good thing and she promised come back next time when she needs something.

I think that was good example of that how good customer servant would work: smile, ask help whit out asking and help customer as much as you can!


Photo grapher: My sister Maria