The moment of truth: false advertising

How often does the product meet your expectations? Click here and you´ll see what I mean...there are hundreds of such examples on the internet.

To attract consumers companies assure us that their quality is the best, the item is unique, delivery is fast and so on. They promise a lot of benefits which are not always true.  It works until consumers learn the actual value of the product or service. Most probably customers will leave the company, they won´t buy the product or use the service again.
False advertising is a wrong way to make business.

BUT! Everybody makes mistakes. Sometimes producers don´t mean to lie, but some small accidents happen and they may adversely affect company´s reputation. In this case it is important to inform the customers about what is going on.

Let´s have an example : some online shop is famous with it´s low prices and fast delivery, but because of Christmas sales it is hard to deliver all the items on time.Simple message, like: “Sorry, we have a lot of orders this week, your order will arrive 2 days later” will still keep positive impression about company´s services. Keeping customers posted on shows that producer/company cares.expectations vs reality

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