Me as a customer servant

First I’m telling about my own experiences about the customer service. Most of them have been good, but some of them have been bad too, of course. If the customer servant is positive and helpful, you feel glad to go there again. Sometimes the customer servant can be in a bad mood, because a bad day or some personal thing, but they shouldn’t bring their bad mood to work.  For example, if the customer servant is not talking politely or not using positive body language, you don’t feel very glad to go there again.

For me, the most important thing in customer service is being polite and proper.  You have to have good speaking skills: language skills, polite language, small talk skills. One of the most important things in serving your customer and making him/her feel good to come again is good body language: making an eye contact and smiling. Shaking hands is also very polite. It’s very good to take well the feedback from the customers, even if it’s not good. You have to be and stay professional even if the customer gets irritating or nervous.

For me one of the most important things in customer service is proper clothing. You must look professional and clean in your customers eyes. It’s also important that you have comfritable clothes at work.
For me the most challenging thing in customer service would be staying calm and professional in difficult situations. My strengths are sociality and good speaking skills. I’m not afraid to talk with different kind of customers. I can use few languages well, and I can use also very polite language. I also always remember to use good body language. It’s very kind and important to make an eye contact when you are speaking with your customer.

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