The Importance of Company Culture

A company’s culture is what defines the tradition for accepted conduct and general work environment. It acts as the basis for how employees are expected to behave. In simple terms, a company’s culture is the “personality” of an organization. It’s how the collective group of people conduct themselves day in and day out on the job.

Company culture plays a big role in hiring and retaining the finest employees in the market. Just like a group can have shared beliefs, traditions, values, practices and rules, so does a company. The ‘company vibe’ as a common reference to company culture, is a voice to the practices, expectations and values of members of a company. It is about the ‘employer brand’ for aspiring employees and defines ‘how things are run’ around the company.

Problems arise when a company fails to define its cultural norms for its employees. Like a family or a classroom in a school, the ones in authority must verbally state the rules and define the expectations in order for the group to function at its best.



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