The Importance of Company Culture

A company’s culture is what defines the tradition for accepted conduct and general work environment. It acts as the basis for how employees are expected to behave. In simple terms, a company’s culture is the “personality” of an organization. It’s how the collective group of people conduct themselves day in and day out on the job.

Company culture plays a big role in hiring and retaining the finest employees in the market. Just like a group can have shared beliefs, traditions, values, practices and rules, so does a company. The ‘company vibe’ as a common reference to company culture, is a voice to the practices, expectations and values of members of a company. It is about the ‘employer brand’ for aspiring employees and defines ‘how things are run’ around the company.

Problems arise when a company fails to define its cultural norms for its employees. Like a family or a classroom in a school, the ones in authority must verbally state the rules and define the expectations in order for the group to function at its best.



Photo by Anonymous


Me as a customer servant

Customer servants, those helpful employees in shops and stores who give help with out asking… Or they should give. Their mission is help customer and find out their needs but usually it will be missing. Of course, in different countries the culture is also different and that means that the customer service is different too. My opinion is that every customer servant should give help as much as customer needs. Like me when I was younger!

I was 12years old when I was working in my uncles’ shop. I was so excited about doing work there and earning some extra money. My job was adding prices to products and help customers as much as they needed. I remember when one old woman came there and there was a steep floor to down stairs. She gave me the shopping list and I did all her shopping’s by myself and she gave me a little tip for that. I was so proud of myself! I did good thing and she promised come back next time when she needs something.

I think that was good example of that how good customer servant would work: smile, ask help whit out asking and help customer as much as you can!


Photo grapher: My sister Maria