Our class trip to LionBridge.


Our class trip to LionBridge.

We had a great opportunity to visit an international company as a class. One of our class mate’s (Jane) mum works there and set up the tour.

We first toured around the company meeting the workers. It was crazy how many different nationalities were there from Greece to Russia to Iceland.

We then had an opportunity to learn more about the company and what it actually does. Internationalizing companies and then localizing them. This is a lot of work and time doing these projects, so it’s important that the team get along and work together. You could see that they all got on with each other and seemed like they were a big family.

We also learnt about some of the worker’s backgrounds and most of them had no experience before working in LionBridge. I know for me it gave me hope that I can get the job I want if I work hard and get myself out there.

Overall it was a very positive experience and I think all the class came away satisfied with the information that they received.

Thank you Lionbridge