Keeping the work place in tip top shape!!


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Keeping the work place in tip top shape!!

For most customers one of the first things they notice when coming into your shop or company is how clean it is.
Cleanliness is so important and also how the shop is organized:
Is it

1. Practical
2. Easy for customers to find what they are looking for
3. Easy on the eye
4. Safe for the customer

I have recently spent a lot of time in second hand stores due to working at one and we spend every morning sweeping the floor, emptying the bins and cleaning the toilets. Because of this mostly every day customer’s comment on how clean the place is.

They will want to come back because of their good experience and also tell their friends about how clean the shop is.

If your work place is clean there is less likely that accidents will happen

Remember when you’re on your work placement or even at work cleanliness will make the difference on if the customer will come back or not. Look at your work place and think to yourself would you want to shop here. 

By Benjain Sewell


Your customers are not coming back. Why?

Your customers are not coming back. Why?

Many businesses have problems with customers not coming back..why?

Is it because of the bad customer service? not making the customers happy? not having a community ?

Firstly you have to be sure that your staff is qualified, motivated and that they want to do the job. Customer servers are the ones giving the first and usually the last expression about the business.

Go on and try to make your customers feel special. Everybody likes to get a bit of extra attention.  If you have customers who are coming in a little often than the others, make them loyal customers.  Have some benefits for the loyal customers (lower prices, cup of coffee, small gifts etc.). Even small things make people happy and give them the feeling of warmth about your business.

If people leave with good feelings it is sure that the word spreads and they are not coming back alone the next time.

If you see that there are not a lot of customers coming back, do research, see what you could change to please people more.

Advertise, advertise, advertise!!





Importance of Customer Satisfaction


okThe importance of customer satisfaction is apparent when you realize that, without customers, you don’t have a business. A single unsatisfied customer can send more business away from your company than 10 satisfied customers. The more you focus on customer retention and customer support, the more long-term business you’ll get. It’s worth it to focus on customer satisfaction strategies, no matter how large or small your company is.

Understand your customer.
A business relationship, just like any other relationship, relies on both people getting their needs met. No matter what type of business you are in, all customers want the same thing. They want to feel welcomed and appreciated by you and your staff. They don’t want to get the impression that they are just being used by you for money. Small interactions like “Thank you” and a nice smile can go a long way toward customer satisfaction.

A big part of customer satisfaction is reliability. If customers come to expect a certain mode of behavior from you and your employees, you should deliver it to them each and every time. Customers want to be able to rely on you. They expect consistent delivery times and support. By training your employees to treat all customers with the same respect, your customers will all have the same experience with your company, which will increase customer satisfaction.

Accept your faults no matter what.
Customer satisfaction is at its most important when something goes wrong in the chain of delivery. Whether a customer was double charged or didn’t receive what she ordered, your employees need to handle the situation with the utmost care. Your employee should apologize and take steps to rectify the situation. The phrase “the customer is always right” is at the core of a good customer satisfaction strategy. It doesn’t matter whether or not the customer misread the instructions or made the mistake; your employee should take steps to make the customer happy.

You can study all this in my school, Tampere Ammatiopisto

Importance Of Customer.

Most anyone will agree that customer service is one of the most important parts of your company’s overall strategy to conducting business. Without customers you really don’t have a business. If this is the case, why is it mostly everyone as consumers can easily mention examples of poor customer service in their daily lives? Every company either has or thinks it has good customer service. However, if certain steps are not taken to ensure this, the reality of their situation is often far worse than their current perceptions.

In any successful business or organization, the commitment to customer service always begins at the top, the company’s leaders must buy into the fact that they not only need to meet their customer’s expectations, they must strive to exceed them. They must develop a company culture that understands, embraces and executes this concept. In today’s world, business competition is tougher than ever. If you can’t provide goods or services when somebody wants or needs them, there are often four or five other companies immediately ready to fill this void. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. If the company’s leaders do not accept this fact, or are not willing to provide the necessary resources to meet their customer’s needs, they will soon find themselves scrambling for business.

Proper training is one way to develop a company culture that embraces excellent customer service. Every employee must understand implicitly what is expected of them when interacting with customers. Is there an established, uniform way to answer the phone? Are there set procedures in place for instances when a customer has a question or problem? Is there an established chain of command to make sure that issues are handled in a timely fashion? And most importantly is everyone trained to carry out these company procedures? How you handle the problem is far more important than the problem itself. A customer must always be made to feel as though their best interests are being given serious consideration, even when you can’t give in to their demands. It is far better to say ‘no’ with a smile, than ‘yes’ with an attitude.

Customer feedback is an excellent way to track and measure your level of service. You should not only benchmark your company against your competition, but also against the goals you set for yourself. Once again, you must remember you are trying to not only meet, but exceed your customer’s expectations. Written surveys are one way to gage customer satisfaction. This can be useful to obtain feedback on a wide variety of company functions. Always allow for written comments, as these usually will help shed light on problem areas. Management’s interaction with customers is an excellent way to not only measure overall efforts, but to also show the level of commitment the company has towards their needs. A manager who does not spend anytime with customers is likely to be detached and unaware of what their employees do and what their customers want. You always feel better if you have the chance to talk to someone who actually sets policy, not just someone paid to carry it out.

In today’s world of bigger, faster, better you need to be the company that gets it right the first time, and if you don’t, you must quickly rectify your mistakes. If you consistently make this part of how you conduct business, your customer’s loyalty will continue to grow. The surest way to continued success and future growth is to not only meet your customers expectations, but to exceed them at every possible turn.

Good customer service is the foundation of any business. It provides a platform for continued growth and helps to build your businesses reputation. You can offer promotions and slash prices to bring in as many new customers as you want, but unless you can get some of those customers to come back, your business won’t be profitable for long.

Good customer service is also about sending them away happy – happy enough to pass positive feedback about your business along to others, who may then try the product or service you offer for themselves, in their turn becoming repeat customers.


  • The Golden Rule in customer service is the Golden Rule period. Great points, it’s always important to acknowledge the importance of treating others how you would want to be treated.
  • Very difficult principle to live by when you’re “Under Pressure”. If you’re on the front lines of customer service and have to manage an angry customer, here are two phrases to remember: “I’m so sorry”, and “Thank you for your patience, I’ll work on this right now”. Often, customers just want to make sure you understand.


  1. 1.     SHOW RESPECT:

Focus on delivering a solution, not the customers personality or peoples emotions. and never forget that the person on the other end of the phone, or author of a letter of complaint, is a human being with pressures and challenges just like you .


Acknowledge their problems , I dont mean the blame but understand them without necessarily agreeing , Demonstrate empathy, Exa, by saying Im sorry you have had a problem, or YES I AGREE,  you have been treated badly , This will go along way towards soothing a customers  anger and disappointment even if you are unable to provide response that fully meets their expectations.

  1. 3.     GET THE FACTS:

People in business need to know why things went  wrong , to stop it happening again . Ask the right questions- especially ones that will make the customer think. This helps to keep emotions under control. Listen to their response  – show you are listening, Summarize, clarify ,on what they have said before taking action .

  • ·         So Why is Customer Service Important for Your Web Business?
  • Impressions count. It’s important for your customer to have a good experience because they return and they refer others. Did you know that over 90% of unhappy customers never return and they tell at least eight people about the bad experience? That’s a handful of business you are losing.
  • So good customer service tells the customer you value them. It helps with retention, referral and reduces the time spent resolving issues and dealing with administration.

12 Golden Rules of Customer Service


Rule #1 – the customer is always right

Rule #2 – if the customer is wrong, refer to rule #1

Rule #3 – the customer is always a priority – handle complaints, concerns and disputes immediately

Rule #4never argue with a customer

Rule #5 – never make excuses or pass the buck

Rule #6 – be flexible – customers do not always know what they want and are not all the same

Rule #7 – show real respect and treat your customer how you would want to be treated

Rule #8 – be personal, sincere and friendly at all times

Rule #9 – always remain one step ahead of your customer by predicting future & current needs

Rule #10 – keep all your promises

Rule #11 – deliver your product or service on time or ahead of time

Rule #12 – exceed your customer’s expectations and always go the extra mile

I’m sure there are variations of these rules and certainly you don’t have to stop at this list. There are hundreds of little things you can do to make your customer feel like a King or Queen.

With customers, you have to find a way to have a conversation with the customer yourself. The primary means of contact will vary from company to company; for us, social media was crucial.


took by my friend popal

In Lovefilm’s customer service team, there’s someone who blogs and tweets all the time, and monitors what people are saying about the company on the social media channels. That way the team can understand what it needs to do differently, and how it needs to change things.

The importance of customer service

What is the most important in Customer service :

Most important part of your company is customer service,Every company, shops, supermarkets should have best customer service without customers or customer service you really don’t have a business.So remember to have these importance steps for better customer service in your company.

Good customer service: The customer service entails delivering goods or services to your customer in a way that is effective and fair.Good customer service is all about bringing customers back.Many businesses focus on reducing prices or ramping up promotions to attract customers. However, when customers come into contact with business, you want them to leave with a positive experience, and come back to do business with you again.

Keeping customers happy: You must provide a level of service that is better than that of your competitors. Training is the key to emphasizing customer service in your organization. Employees should learn to treat customers like individuals. Business owners should encourage good habits, such as greeting customers with a smile (even over the phone).Employees should be well-mannered and considerate.

Getting Feedback: Getting feedback from your customers is an excellent way to track and measure your level of service. You should not only benchmark your company against your competition, but also against the goals you set for yourself. Once again you must remember you are trying to not only meet, but exceed your customer’s expectations. Written surveys are one way to gage customer satisfaction.

Photo prepared by Farhad Sediqi 




Things You Should Know about Your Customers


by Regina Makovey

Customer service s all about forming a good relationship with your customers, as it forms loyalty and makes them to come back.  Here are few things that you need to bear in mind when serving your customers.

1) Customers want to feel important.  Know their names, treat them as best customers ever, smile, solve their problems quickly and be thankful and proactive! All of this will make them feel valued.  Making them feel appreciated is a great step in building customer loyalty.

2) Customers want you to truly listen. Listening to them will help to determine customers’ needs and build a relationship of trust that will solidify your standing with them and be a driving force for repeat business. More often than not, in the course of a conversation, a customer will divulge information that is vital to your overall success.

3) Customers like to be appreciated by other people. They want you to understand their wishes and respect their choices. People want to feel “royalty”. They want you to be extra polite and serve them properly!

4) Customers hate waiting. Modern life makes people to be in a hurry, so time is very important part of marketing nowadays. People expect you to find quick solutions!

5) Customers want to trust you. People want to be sure that you provide them with good-quality products and useful information. Be honest and your customers will be loyal!

6) Customers want to be individual. They always want to have unique and sometimes unusual products. Don’t even try to provide them with your favorite or common products. Customers want to have something special!

7) Customers expect you to be their friends. They enjoy people with whom they share common interests. Customers hope you understand and can help them to find the most important things in their life. If you don’t know your clients, they cannot rely on you!

It is not even enough just to understand your clients. To work with customers, you really should KNOW them from TOP TO BOTTOM!!!

The Importance of the Cultures: How important it is to speak different languages in Customer service?

Simple: it just is.

Every customer is a potential buyer. But how can you know when a random customer comes to your shop and doesn’t speak your language?
You don’t. That’s why you have to study different languages.

Obviously you make a good impression when you can speak the customer’s language if he or she is a foreigner.
In worst case the customer knows only his or her own language, and you can’t speak it, so you’re incapable to help the customer.

We don’t want this to happen, don’t we.

But in the first place, this will help you get the job. After it, you can start using your skills.

What makes a good customer service?

Good customer service is important in any company. If the customer is treated badly, I bet the sales don’t work so well.
So here I have listed some tips you can get a minor knowledge about serving customers:
Well, what makes good customer service? You.
Imagine yourself to the customer’s place. What would you want, what would you need?
Always make the customer feel comfortable. Especially in Finland, even the slightest uncomfortable moment might make the customer leave.
If the small talk doesn’t work with the customer, offer for instance some beverages, if possible. Offer some extra services. Offer some discounts. If you have a positive experience of your company’s product or services, tell that. Make yourself the customers friend. Read the customer. Analyze his or her personality.
So all in all:
Being well prepared, and with the right attitude and manners, you can make good customer service.

Great customer service is consumers right

 Great customer service is consumers right_!

More you have customers the less time you have each of them so customer service, becomes increasingly important. Customers should feel appreciated instead of number in a cash register

Remember, nowadays customers want you to know what they want!

flickr-5355865403-medium       You either break it or make it!

You have to look after you’re customers, since you get only one chance!

Company’s proficiency is measured when problems comes up and customer has something to complain.

  • When customer comes to you complaining be understanding and polite.
  • Never interrupt him or ask negative questions like” Are you sure you have followed instructions and kept the product in a safe place?”
  •  Don’t use professional language, customer might not understand it and feel he’s been despised.
  • Keep customer up to date, everybody hates unawareness.
  • Be positive to customer and honest.

Difficult customers are just one per cent (%) of all the customers yet they might be the most valuable ones.

You have to recognize that in most of the cases there has been misunderstanding that has caused the complaint.

There have been done studies about importance of customer service:

Study was done in a shoe shop Andiamo in Koskikeskus.  24% of customers thought that customer service is very important factor and it will effect on future behaving and buying decisions. Also staggering 62% would tell their friends where they had bad customer service


In an another study 2010 CEI report showed that 85% of customers would be willing to pay more over the standard price of a service to ensure a superior customer experience.

Read a summered report here.

With great customer service you keep customers coming back to you, instead of going to some rival company.

When you have great personal relationship with customers they become loyal to you and you save money in costs!


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