The importance of customer service: you can change everything for better.

blogAlthough not every one of us works in services sector, but every one of us is a customer. We always notice if salesman is not friendly enough, if waitress is unconfident or if someone of the personnel is not competent.

Unfortunately people always(!!!) notice, when something goes wrong. Don´t ever think: “It´s not a big deal”! Customers will remember your mistakes!

You, as a person, who works in field of customer service you should do your best to your company`s reputation maintain strong. Be attentive, be awake!

People want somebody to care about them, this is our nature. Give a smile, be friendly, do small pleasant things, like a free candy for kid, who came to cafeteria with his family.
Think how you want others to treat you and act the same way.
Have you ever heard a story of Johnny the Bagger? He did a small thing, which made people come back again and again to small grocery shop.